About Erin


Hello, my name is Erin Kroll Peacock and I am a Psychic Medium and Reiki Master located in Cumberland, Maine providing accurate, heartfelt readings through evidence-based communication. Message by message, heart by heart, I want everyone to know that our loved ones are always present and that healing is possible.

I was born with an ear toward heaven and my head in the stars. I spent most of my childhood talking to ‘imaginary’ friends and playing in fantastical worlds in my back yard. The house I grew up in was built in the early 1900s. The floors creaked, the radiators hissed, and the spirits visited nightly.

Years later, working as a professional wedding photographer, I began to notice that my intuition was guiding my work, and occasionally, to my client’s delight, I was capturing images of departed loved ones in photographs. It was almost like spirits they wanted to be seen and heard. I continued to develop my intuitive gifts. Intuition is like a muscle. I trained to become a Reiki Master, healer and I studied meditation and mediumship. I believe that I was given the ability to see and hear spirits for a reason.

Spiritual sight comes with deep responsibility and I am honored to share the work. Today, I help clients around the world connect with spirit and gain a deeper understanding of life, spirituality and consciousness as an intuitive guide. I also enjoy working with clients who simply need clarity and insight.

As a psychic medium, I hope to bring solace to anyone struggling to surpass an ocean of grief. With a wide open heart, I believe that evidenced-based communication is possible and that through the practice of heartfelt mediumship, our eternal existence and the continuity of life is affirmed.