Longing to be Seen

In the minute it takes you to update your social networks, one suicide is attempted

In the 18 minutes it takes you to scroll through your news feed, one suicide is completed.

Each year, about 1,600 American teenagers die by suicide

1-million attempt it, and 1 in 5 consider it.

One in four adults suffer from a mental disorder in a given year.

In this hyper-connected world, we have replaced the music of the spoken words “ I love you” and the warmth of a hug with a text and an emoji. We are feeling more alone, isolated and depressed than ever before.

Put down your phone and connect with each other, as humans—not machines. People in crisis ask for help in many silent ways, in order to see you have to open up your heart.
We are all mirrors. We are all longing to be seen.