Can Animals Have Reiki? The Curious Case of Emily the Mouse

If you ask my mother she will tell you that I’ve been a healer since birth. Both my parents were nurses; I guess I had some big footsteps to fill. Perhaps Reiki ran in my blood. In our home our pet’s typically lived well beyond their life expectancy, including Cindy, the gold fish that I got for my third birthday. Cindy lived in a tiny plastic bowl for years, before greeting her eternal call with a flush of the toilet.  As a child I instinctively knew when our animals were not feeling well and I believed I knew how to make them better. 

When my younger sister was six she had a pet mouse named Emily. We began to notice a very large tumor growing on her side.  One day I came home from elementary school and saw Emily lying in her food dish, her eyes were both crusted over and her body temperature was cold.  I thought she was dead but when I picked her up I noticed she was breathing.  Despite my age, I instinctively knew that her crusty eyes were a sign of dehydration and that if I held her close, like mothers do with their babies, I could raise her temperature and keep her comfortable.  I went to the kitchen, pulled up a chair to the cupboard, and grabbed a box of cheerios.

I made a mash of cheerios and warm water; put it in an eye dropper my mother had in the bathroom, and held it at Emily’s mouth and waited.  She began to open her mouth and drink.  I patted her gently and told her everything was going to be ok.  I prayed aloud asking her to get better.  I held her for hours until bedtime.  I put her back in her cage knowing everything would be ok.  The next day Emily was up running around.  Her eyes were clear and her spirit was vibrant.  Despite her tumor, she lived to be three years old! 

At nine, I was too young to understand that I saved Emily’s life because I had listened to intuitive guidance.  I also wasn’t aware that I was instinctively preforming healing touch.  Today I have assimilated my intuition into a healing practice as a Reiki practitioner and healer.  Just like humans, the animals in our lives can benefit greatly from Reiki treatment. Reiki can easily be administered to family pets, horses and livestock. As mobile practitioner, I am able to visit client’s homes and barns to treat their pets and horses.  I am both a longtime horse and dog owner and find great joy in helping animals feel better.  My own horse is now 25 years old, well into his senior years.   Regular reiki treatments help relieve his pain in his muscles and joints and help with his respiration.

Reiki is well suited for any horse experiencing pain, lameness, muscle stiffness, and anxiety.  Reiki has wonderful implications for any pet dealing with pain or illness; it’s also a wonderful companion to healing post operatively, accelerating recovery time. Pet’s beds and blankets can also be infused with Reiki energy, helping to keep your loved one comfortable in between treatments.

Is there a pet or horse in your life that could benefit from receiving a reiki treatment?  I would love the opportunity to be a partner in their wellness.  Please contact me for more information about my reiki for pets services.