Reiki for Moms: The Inside Scoop in How Reiki Can Support Healthy Pregnacy and Birth with Prenatal and Postnatal Treatments


Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive method of healing that encourages relaxation, enhances the body’s natural healing abilities, and supports well-being.  Reiki , pronounced Ray Key, is an ancient practice of using universal energy or chi to heal physical and emotional disturbances in the body. Reiki restores energetic imbalances and helps to relieve conditions like pain, inflammation, anxiety, and joint issues. Reiki is perfect for expecting mothers and can even be helpful during labor and after birth.

Prenatal Reiki

The practice of prenatal reiki can begin even before pregnancy.  Reiki has shown to support the balancing of female hormones and support fertility.  The calming effect of reiki supports a healthy pregnancy.  Reiki reduces the usual physical ailments of pregnancy like pain, fatigue, joint issues it also supports lower blood pressure and relaxation.  Reiki does not replace, but rather is easily integrated with any prenatal treatment and other therapies.

Birth Reiki

Because it’s such a gentle healing practice, Reiki is an excellent choice for mothers who are looking for natural alternatives during labor. Reiki can be administered early on to help decrease anxiety and support labor; it can also assist with pain management and relaxation between contractions.  Reiki can be giving in the hospital or even in a home birth setting.

Post Natal Reiki

Reiki supports postnatal healing process. It’s usefulness in decreasing anxiety and restoring the body to its natural state is helpful to new mothers.  Since reiki can also be performed in the home, it’s accessible to moms.  Let’s face it, after little sleep, who wouldn’t  benefit from an hour of relaxation and support?