Tap Into Your Insight Anywhere, Even In The Shower

Do you get strokes of insight while in the shower? I definitely do. I'm not sure if it's because it's one of the only places I can tune out for a few moments in private, but my shower is full of insight.

Often my mind is flooded with information, concepts and words I need to further research. This morning was no different. I was given the word "Na-cosh".

Now this could have been coincidence, since the first Facebook post I saw this morning was my friend's joke about snakes. I tend to believe coincidence is just a reinforcement of spiritual synchronicity.

So a little goggling this morning led me to discover "Na-Cosh" actually spelled Nacacsh, is the Hebrew word for serpent and also means Bright light.

I looked further, because often words have deeper origins, as is the case with Nacacsh. It looks and sounds a lot like "Nechash" which means bronze and copper. The Hebrew word is from the Aramaic word Nechushah for copper and bronze.

I find this particular interesting given the electrical conductive properties of copper and the energy associated with the "serpent"

Remember the copper serpent rod Moses held up in the desert to heal the children of Israel?  It was called the Nehushtan and I believe it was a metaphor for moving reiki energy up the spine to heal.

Did you know the 7 serpents that "came out of" Mary Magdalene weren't actually demons? They are the same wheels of light that were the 7 candlesticks that Jesus presented. They are the 7 Great Mysteries.

They are your 7 chakras. The serpent is your kundalini energy that spirals up your spine like a caduceus.

Next time you see snake symbolism I invite you to welcome another story, one FREE of fear, and see where the wisdom takes you.

Introducing In-Home Reiki and Healing Sessions In Portland, Maine

 I am excited to announce that I am taking my healing practice to the road and now offering the option of  in-home Reiki and energy work to new and current clients within  30 miles of the Greater Portland, Maine area.  Having a mobile practice allows me to treat within the convenience and comfort of the home. This is especially beneficial for individuals  whose illness and pain keep them within the home, hospital, or nursing facility.

In-home Reiki is also ideal for anyone struggling with anxiety and PTSD.  It's also great for expecting or new mothers, or parents that otherwise would need to find childcare for a session.  For clients who prefer the studio environment, that option will remain be available as well.

If you are ready to try an alternative healing modality or looking for energetic support in your life, I would love the opportunity to speak with you and see if in-home healing and Reiki might be a perfect fit for you.


2015 In-Home Reiki Pricing

Individual Sessions

30 min session….$55

60 min session….$85

90 min session….$130



Four 30 min sessions for the price of three….$165

Four 60 min sessions for the price of three….$255

Four 90 min sessions for the price of three….$390


Monthly Rates

Frequency can greatly improve treatment outcomes. I offer a 20% discounted monthly rate for clients who book 3 times a week for a month at a time.

About the Author:

Erin’s work as a healer is dedicated to helping others find wellness and a deeper spiritual understanding. Located in Portland, Maine, her healing arts practice combines intuitive energy work, with sound and crystal therapies to heal and transform individuals on a soul level. Using holistic photography, she documents and celebrates authentic beauty and transformation.

Whether you are struggling with chronic pain, disease, anxiety, depression, rapid life transitions, or perhaps you just need a new direction, Erin offers gentle energetic support and guidance to help restore balance and wholeness, increase well-being and joyful heart connection.