When New Doors Open

Are you experiencing a tremendous amount of upheaval or shifting in your life? Are new doors opening for you? Often when we experience a sudden and unanticipated life change, we feel overwhelmed by grief, anger, confusion and even resentment. It becomes very hard to see the silver lining, we may even feel hopeless. It is all normal. Something magical happens when we let go of our attachments to the things we can not control, a doorway will appear in between the spaces of shadow, fear and saddness. Walk through it courageously, even if you do not know where it leads.




Acts of Kindness on Memorial Day. Moved to Tears

Spirit Doesn’t Make Mistakes.

These are the Maine Patriot Riders standing to greet my sister as she arrives in Portland, but my sister's flight was canceled and the group didn't get the email until it was too late. My sister never arrived, but the group still waited.

Spirit does not make mistakes.

Time past and other flights landed and a mother welcoming her daughter showed up with a sign. When she saw the flags honoring her return she burst into tears.

More time past and a man with a limp and a " Rolling Thunder" vest walked slowly down the stairs and made his way to the left of the flags.

"Sir, are you a vet?" Someone called out to him, recognizing he served in Vietnam.

The man nodded.

" Please solider, these flags are here to honor you' please pass through so we can thank you for your service."

the man walked slowly back around, his eyes swelling with tears he could no longer contain.

Today, in a beautiful synchronistic moment, Spirit gave a solider the homecoming he did not get so many years ago.

For all those home, coming home and those who never see home again, thank you!

And Thank You Maine Patriot Riders!