I was a guest on the Center of Light Radio Show Last Night. Listen on Demand.

Last night I was honored to be interviewed on The Center of Light Radio Show tonight , you can listen on demand as I talk about our cosmic origins and the nature of longing and compassionate connection.

Many thanks to The Center of Light Radio Show and it's host Keith Anthony Blanchard!

Show Topic: We Are Stardust: Understanding the Cosmic Wisdom of Longing and Compassionate Connection, with guest Erin Kroll


When New Doors Open

Are you experiencing a tremendous amount of upheaval or shifting in your life? Are new doors opening for you? Often when we experience a sudden and unanticipated life change, we feel overwhelmed by grief, anger, confusion and even resentment. It becomes very hard to see the silver lining, we may even feel hopeless. It is all normal. Something magical happens when we let go of our attachments to the things we can not control, a doorway will appear in between the spaces of shadow, fear and saddness. Walk through it courageously, even if you do not know where it leads.