▲ In-Home Reiki Healing $40/30 mins $80/60 mins

Erin is a certified Usui Reiki Master Healer and Teacher  located in North Yarmouth, Maine. Reiki is a spiritual, vibrational healing practice used to promote balance and facilitate healing. It is a gentle and and relaxing modality that involves the laying on hands and is ideal for everyone, no matter the ailment or age. Reiki is commonly translated from the Japanese as universal life energy.

A Reiki session can help ease and eliminate pain, tension and stress and can help support the body in healing on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional.  If you are ready to try an alternative healing modality or looking for energetic support in your life,    Reiki might be a perfect fit for you.   Erin also offers in-home reiki sessions to clients in Portland, Falmouth, Cumberland, North Yarmouth, and Freeport and online distance healing sessions for clients in the US and abroad.


▲ Distance Reiki Healing $25

The nature of reiki energy is not restricted to the confines of time-and-space.  Distance healing sessions are conducted for thrity minutes, during which time Erin enters a meditative state and works on healing the energy body of her clients..    Reiki energy is passed to the client without being present.  Often times clients will feel the session happening, feel sensations of heat or energy.  After each distance session, clients will receive a report about key findings, including any psychic and energetic information that came through during the healing.  

▲  Intuitive Readings $40/30 Mins and $80/60 Mins

Get accurate intuitive guidance and insight that will help to refocus your spirit and transform your life.  Erin is a talented intuitive and her insights have helped clients come to a deeper understanding of their own personal truths.  Intuitive readings are available for 30 minutes or full hour.   Erin can also provides intuitive readings over Skype, Email or Facebook messenger. 

▲ Life Alchemy

The Life Alchemy program offers a dynamic system of holistic services specifically designed to facilitate soul-level life change, enhance well-being and raise consciousness. Through a combination of energetic healing modalities, Reiki, crystal therapy, sound healing and spiritual guidance, Erin works with clients to identify and open emotional and physical blocks and pave a clear path to healing and personal transformation. Weekly in-home or skype support sessions provide insight, spiritual guidance, and resources, to facilitate deeper levels of integration, healing, and self-transformation. Life Alchemy requires a 8 week commitment.

▲ Reiki Training

As a Maine Reiki Master, Erin hosts monthly Reiki Training Courses and Certification for individuals wishing to further enhance their healing path as both personal and professional Reiki Practioners. Are you ready to welcome the gift of Reiki Healing into your life? For more information about our upcoming class schedule, please click below.

▲ Spiritual Meetups

Erin hosts monthly spiritual meetups at her studio. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in exploring spirituality, wellness, metaphysics, and consciousness to come together and facilitate our own healing and understanding. We are an open and accepting community and we all have valuable wisdom to share.  These events are free and open to the public. Hope to see you soon!